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Attacks on ACB Prove Feminism is not about Fairness

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

I used to proudly identify as a feminist. Not anymore. Like many religious women, I’ve been demonized by feminists, labeled as a “misogynist” for voicing support for the unborn, and tossed out of “feminist” circles over and over again. I’m not the only one. The attacks on soon-to-be Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith and pro-life beliefs have been as abhorrent as we’ve come to expect from liberal leaders, but they reveal something important. Namely, that it’s high time for Christians to totally oppose the ideology behind intersectional feminism once and for all. Contrary to what many “Christian” influencers claim, neither feminism nor intersectionality is a helpful “lens” for understanding scripture, nor do those belief systems actually have any of the positive characteristics they ascribe to themselves.

Feminists are Showing Their True Colors Again

I knew what kind of vile attacks Amy Coney Barrett would receive from feminists because I’ve experienced them myself as a pro-life woman. Prominent media pundits and democrat leaders, all self-proclaimed “feminists,” have launched a disturbing attack against Amy Coney Barrett’s personal life and belief system. Democrat consultant Dana Houle suggested that Amy Coney Barrett illegally adopted their children from Haiti.

Ibram X. Kendi, author of the popular progressive book “How to Be an Antiracist” attacked Amy Coney Barrett for adopting two black children from Haiti, implying that she was a “White colonizer.”

Other prominent feminists began foaming at the mouth when they realized that Amy Coney Barrett has been involved with the People of Praise, a group that promotes the orthodox Christian teaching that men and women serve different God-given roles within marriage. Since the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, nearly every mainstream media outlet has written at least one hit piece on People of Praise. Reuters and Newsweek went so far as to falsely portray People of Praise as the organization that inspired the theocratic dystopia in Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, which has become a religious text for progressive feminists. In reality, progressives hate People of Praise because they have a traditional, biblical view of sexuality and are against elective abortion.

The Left is Always Changing the Rules

The cultural left is continually changing the rules when it comes to how women should be treated. First-wave feminists advocated for women’s suffrage and basic human rights for all human beings, regardless of their race, religion, or sex. Early feminists condemned abortion outright. Susan B. Anthony refused to run public advertisements for “foeticides and infanticides” in her feminist newspaper, The Revolution. The first women’s convention referred to abortion as a type of infanticide and condemned the “murder of children, before or after birth.”

Over the years, however, feminist ideology has morphed into an intersectional ideology based on critical race and gender theory. Instead of advocating for human rights for all, intersectional feminists only care about human rights for a select few. Mainstream feminists groups certainly don’t care about the human rights of pre-born humans, or the rights of conservative and religious women. Now feminist groups proudly ask women to “Shout Your Abortion,” and some openly thank God for their abortions.

The prominent feminist group NARAL has openly attacked pro-life women, changing the slogan of one pro-life group from “Women Deserve Better® than Abortion” to “Women don’t deserve better than abortion.” Intersectional feminism isn’t based on the idea that we all enjoy God-given natural rights. Instead, intersectional feminists divide humans into classes based on their gender and race and only protect women they consider “oppressed” based on an ever-changing list of requirements. According to intersectional feminists, conservative women, religious women, and pro-life women, despite being inherently oppressed because of their sex, still also somehow fall into the “oppressor category” due to the Marxist concept of “internalized misogyny,” which is just a fresh rebranding of “class consciousness.” The fact that they use these Orwellian terms to create superficial victim and oppressor labels is unsurprising, though. By denying natural rights, feminists deny equality for everyone, making it easy for them to kill pre-born humans and dehumanize people with whom they don’t agree.

Mainstream feminists like Elizabeth Warren want women to work outside of the home and place their children in free daycare centers immediately after birth. Yet, in a bizarre and sexist tweet, journalist Vaness Grigoriadis questioned Amy Coney Barrett’s ability to adequately parent her children while working outside of the home. Grigoriadis, a feminist who writes about sexual power dynamics, apparently missed the feminist memo that women can have careers and mother their children well. If Amy Coney Barrett was an abortion-promoting progressive, liberal journalists like Grigoriadis would praise her for her ability to balance motherhood and her career.

There is no "protection" or "equality" for conservative women, religious women, or even politically moderate women according to modern feminism. Liberal commentator Keith Olbermann said the quiet part out loud when he ranted that Amy Coney Barrett “must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.” There are few protections for “Christian” women unless they sell out to progressive Christianity and embrace pro-abortion stances, but even those are limited. The only people who are currently protected are commentators like Jen Hatmaker and Nadia Bolz-Weber, but given the self-destructive nature of progressivism, that will change, too. We’ve all seen how the left cannibalizes their own. J.K. Rowling was once a feminist darling until she stated: "women exist as a sex, [and] that protection for women’s sex-based rights still matters." Now she’s been demonized as a transphobic bigot by the progressives who once adored her. Secular progressives who once considered her Harry Potter series as sacred texts now burn her books in the street.

Amy Coney Barrett Should be a Feminist Icon

Feminists idolized Ruth Bader Ginsburg because she embodied many of the ideological tenets they’ve come to worship—such as unlimited abortion, erasing distinctions between the sexes, and endless self-congratulation—yet they enthusiastically demonize Amy Coney Barrett, even though she should be a prominent feminist icon. After all, she will be the youngest female appointed to the Supreme Court, and the first female Supreme Court justice with school-age children. She proves that a woman can be a wife, a mother to multiple children, and achieve great professional success—a woman who quite literally “has it all.”

As a working mother with young children, I teared up with pride while watching her recent speech, but many prominent self-proclaimed feminists did not celebrate with me. This is hypocritical given that many of these same people represent their cause as “championing” or “empowering” or “celebrating” women. Still, it’s not surprising given the fact that feminists, by and large, rely on misrepresentation of their movement as being about “equality” when it’s really about rejecting femininity and its uniqueness. Like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, many feminists pine for an imaginary reality where there are no real or important differences between men and women, and their worldview is riddled with inconsistencies because of it.

Feminists Despise Non-Conforming Women

One need only look to social media to see the contempt that feminists have for religious and pro-life women. The examples are endless. Within the last few months, a feminist group proudly admitted to torching a journalist’s car because she was pro-life. In another case, feminist co-workers told a certified doula that if she doesn’t support the right to abortion, she is a hypocrite who should leave the profession altogether. This type of harassment isn’t surprising as there is now a booming industry for “abortion doulas.”

Pro-life groups continue to face constant harassment and discrimination from feminist professors and administrative staff at universities and in the public square. Leaders of a Students for Life Group at Wallkill High School have received multiple death threats and pleas to kill themselves from young feminists. Other pro-life women have been harassed, doxed, and fired from their jobs. Last year, a Democrat state legislator harassed a peaceful pro-life woman, asking his large social media following to dox her. Multiple female politicians have received death threats for taking pro-life stances. We are not talking about a few angry people with personality flaws. The attacks on pro-life women from pro-choice feminists are vile, widespread, and cheered by mainstream feminist groups.

Feminism is a Hatred of Family and Femininity

It’s time to recognize feminism for what it truly is - a revolt against traditional femininity and political opportunism rolled into a trendy, toxic movement. Betty Friedan, who wrote The Feminine Mystique, compared middle-class suburbia to “comfortable concentration camps” and labeled women who do not work outside the home as “trapped housewives.” The chickens of modern feminist ideology have come home to roost. Today’s intersectional feminists loathe women like Amy Coney Barrett, who choose to have a family and embrace the idea that our biological sex means something to our identity.

When stripped away from all of its feel-good trappings, feminism is about a hatred of femininity and family. The very idea that Amy Coney Barrett has seven children is an affront to intersectional feminism. Seeing her in a beautiful, loving, religious family in a photo is enough to trigger a multitude of cosplaying feminists into Handmaid's Tale costumes. Right on schedule, feminist activists wore Handmaid’s Tale outfits and protested in front of the Supreme Court because Amy Coney Barrett represents a threat to their unrestricted access to abortion. These women fail to see that modern feminist ideology is a whitewashed tomb that tells women our sex is merely a social construct.

It is only through realizing our unique, God-given identity as women that we can thrive. Amy Coney Barrett's success is a constant visible reminder that the sexual revolution that promoted self-interest and career at the expense of faith and family has failed women. Many of her critics have failed to realize that their own ideology is simply a rebranded form of Marxism, an ideology that resulted in the extermination of more than sixty million human beings.

Let us pray for Barrett as she undergoes what will likely be a bigoted bloodbath during her confirmation hearing. May she rejoice at being persecuted, and may her life be used to save countless others.

Taylor Hoffman works in a variety of fields related to law and writing, and she enjoys reading, talking politics, and being in the outdoors. She lives with her husband and two children in Arizona.



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