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A Providential Meeting in Virginia

Staseos had its roots in a quaint Indian restaurant in Staunton, Virginia, back in 2018. Carmen and Ian, both Kansas State University graduates, initially took different paths — Carmen pursued a graduate program in English Literature, while Ian ventured into law school. Fate intervened almost seven years later, uniting them with a shared vision: creating a platform for dissident Christian voices to fearlessly address contemporary issues.

The term "staseos," a Greek word denoting dissension, commotion, riot, insurrection, or uproar, found resonance in their mission. Luke's use of "staseos" in the Book of Acts to describe Paul's ministry, particularly in Acts 23, inspired them. Paul deliberately stirs up a "staseos" in the Sanhedrin, embodying a battle-ready zeal for God's House — a trait often absent in today's church.

The Mission 

In a world where some perceive Christian character as synonymous with one-dimensional passivity, Staseos challenges this notion. The founders believe that the Gospels, the entire Bible, and the church's history portray a different narrative. Staseos, therefore, aims to reintroduce a dynamic, passionate pursuit of God's purpose.

Meet The Editors

Carmen Schober, Editor-in-Chief: Armed with an M.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing, Carmen brings a rich literary background to the table. Beyond the scholarly pursuits, she wears multiple hats as a wife, mother, accomplished novelist, and cultural commentator. Follow Carmen on Instagram and Facebook at @carmen_schober_writes. 

Ian Huyett, Associate Editor: Holding a J.D. from Washington and Lee University, Ian helps steer Staseos with a litigator's precision. His intellectual pursuits include publishing academic work at the intersection of law and religion and working to master Arabic and Italian. Follow Ian on X at @IanHuyett and on Substack​.

Fueling the Flame: Supporting Staseōs

Wondering how Staseos is funded? We rely on the generosity of supporters like you. Donations play a crucial role in keeping the site running and amplifying dissident Christian voices.

Join the Movement: Support Staseōs Today!

Ready to make a difference? You can contribute by donating at the bottom of this page. Your support means the world to us as we strive to make Staseos a powerful force for change.

Be part of the Staseos movement — where bold voices meet critical issues.

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