What is Staseos?

Staseos is a platform for the bold, counter-cultural Christian. Our mission is to fearlessly illuminate unpopular, controversial, and often ignored issues for the glory of God.

Who are we?

Carmen Schober — Editor-in-Chief  

Ian Huyett — Associate Editor 

Daniel Boggan — Contributor

How did Staseōs begin? 

Staseos began in an Indian restaurant in Staunton, Virginia in 2018. Both Carmen and Ian graduated from Kansas State University but went their separate ways: Carmen to a graduate program in English Literature, Ian to law school. Almost seven years later, they crossed paths and found a common goal -- to create a space for dissident Christian voices to speak boldly about the issues of our day.

The Greek word "staseos"refers to a dissension, commotion, riot, insurrection, or uproar. It is repeatedly used by Luke in the Book of Acts to characterize the ministry of Paul. In Acts 23, for example, Paul intentionally instigates a violent "staseos"in the Sanhedrin by turning the Pharisees against the Sadducees. We chose the word because it represents something the church is utterly missing today: a battle-ready zeal for God's House.

Too often, Christians assume that following Christ means adopting a one-dimensional passivity and agreeableness  --  being as innocent as doormats and as wise as doorknobs. This idea of Christian character is alien to the example of Christ in the Gospels, to the teaching of the whole Bible, and to the entire history of the church. That's why we believe staseos is so important. 

How is Staseōs funded?

We accept donations to help us run the site. 

How can you help? 

You can help by donating at the bottom of this page. We greatly appreciate your support.

How can you pitch an article?

Send an idea for an article or a completed article draft to editor@staseos.net. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a reply to every email. 

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