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The Staseōs Mission:

We are an online platform offering incisive Christian cultural commentary to readers around the world, primarily in the realm of church, culture, and popular media. Our guiding principles include:

  • Respect for civil and open debate

  • Commitment to the search for objective truth

  • Reverence for scripture and respect for church history 

  • The desire to expose and challenge falsehoods in the church and culture at large

You’re probably here because you appreciate what we do. We ask you to consider donating what you can and, in exchange, we will continue to deliver Christian commentary that feeds and challenges curious minds.

Below you can make a one-time or become a monthly patron. You are never locked in — you can opt out or change your pledge at any time.

All contributions are greatly valued. It’s an exciting time as more and more people are questioning shaky cultural narratives and searching for truth. Thank you for helping them hear the Christian voice.  

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