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Christianity's Challenge to the Dark Side of the Enlightenment

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Secular leaders in the "Intellectual Dark Web" proudly defend the Enlightenment against the cultural left. However, what if today's cultural left is just the natural progression of the Enlightenment itself?

Amidst this debate, one ancient contender emerges as a genuine alternative – Christianity. With its rich traditions predating and shaping the West, Christianity challenges the empty principles of the Enlightenment.

Surprisingly, even Enlightenment leaders acknowledged the movement's dark side. The French Revolution, their grand achievement, birthed a Reign of Terror, embracing a godless state religion and unleashing the first modern genocide against Catholics.

Despite its anti-Christian roots, the Enlightenment's influence lingers, shaping even the minds of today's Christians. To overcome current challenges, Christians must reassess these assumptions and proudly reclaim their premodern intellectual heritage.

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