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The Staseos Podcast: Redeeming Bookstagram with Haleigh DeRocher

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In this episode of No Apologies, Carmen Schober chats with artist Haleigh DeRocher about her experience as a Bookstagram influencer. Haleigh owns Sweet Sequels, a popular shop that specializes in literary-themed art and novelty goods. Recently, she made the decision to share pro-life content on her popular Instagram account and angry progressives tried to "cancel" her. However, her decision to boldly stand by her convictions actually made her shop even more popular, and she's been a growing Christian influence in the Bookstagram world ever since.

Listen here or wherever podcasts are found.

Please share this encouraging conversation with fellow Christian artists and creators. There are many blessings awaiting those who are willing to be bold in their defense of the truth.

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