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No Apologies: The Podcast

A social media phenomenon was created in the last decade. It looks like this:

"I'm deeply sorry for the ways my words/actions [that I'm not necessarily admitting I said or did] might've hurt people's feelings. Thank you to everyone who brought it to my attention. I needed to hear it! I love everyone and NEVER judge, but I messed up and need to do better for our community [i.e. the angry mob that's attacking me right now]. I'll continue to learn and grow and fight the real bad guys, like the NRA or something. Please don't ruin my career or call me mean names."

This is a popular practice among politicians, celebrities, and even pastors when they say something even just mildly controversial, but I won't be doing it. I don't think you should, either.

After I had my daughter in 2018, I had a epiphany. I'd recently left my job as an instructor and administrator at a local university, and after spending seven years in stifling academia where Christians or non-leftists are relentlessly slandered or mocked, I spent the first few months of Vivian's life reading and writing and listening to whatever I wanted (mostly Christian and cultural leaders that my liberal colleagues would never approve of). After so many years of reading and regurgitating Marxist junk, it was gloriously refreshing.

It was during those first few months with Vivian that I realized how long I'd been in hiding, too timid as a student to stick up for my convictions and too worried about my job security as an instructor to challenge the poorly-formed assertions of my peers. I walked the halls of my department with a vague sense of shame -- as if I constantly needed to apologize for being a Christian and a non-leftist, despite being surrounded by people who praised themselves for being celebratory of all identities.

As I looked at the face of my newborn daughter, I decided I never want her to hide who she is. I never want her to sacrifice freedom for a false sense of security. And I never want her to apologize for knowing and believing the truth.

In the No Apologies Podcast, I'll cover topics that most people are afraid to talk about, whether it's abortion or feminism or privilege or Marxism or whatever else. I'll talk about these things openly and honestly, and I'll examine them from an ignored and/or vilified point of view.

The name I've chosen for the podcast doesn't mean I'm too prideful to admit when I'm wrong or acting poorly (because I have to do that sometimes), but it does mean I won't offer any apologies for ideas and convictions that happen to be out of vogue in our restrictive modern times -- especially not to thin-skinned totalitarians who live on the fumes of fake outrage.

So... if you're looking for an apology, you should look somewhere else.

Enjoy the podcast.


Carmen Schober

Staseōs Editor-in-Chief

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