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The No Apologies Podcast: Kanye, Politicon, & Beth Moore

Today's episode is a medley of topics (including Kanye West's recent conversion and scuffles at Politicon), but mostly I discuss the controversy that ensued when John MacArthur suggested Beth Moore "go home." The Christian Girl Power Squad did not like that very much, but I have a different take. Listen here.


Kanye West, Use This Gospel:

John MacArthur Suggests Beth Moore "Go Home":

Dale and Veronica Partridge, Biblical Roles of Women in the Church:

Allie Beth Stuckey, Women in the Church:

Beth Moore on the Evils of Complementariansim:

Scriptures Cited: 1st Corinthians, 2nd Samuel 11 & 12

#bethmoore #johnmacarthur #kanye #jesusisking #politicon2019 #politicon

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